Survival in Minecraft

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The basic start to Minecraft survival is to build basic tools. Finding a tree and making a wooden pickaxe, then using it to get stone for a stone sword, shovel, pickaxe, and axe, is usually the best course of action for starting out. By then, if it's becoming dark, it's up to the player's decision of fight or flight. Either slay some night mobs for their drops, or dig out a shelter/build a temporary home to make it through the night, although a bed would be preferable for Option 2. From then on, simply mining for better tools, building a more permanent home, or perhaps starting a farm would be best to continue with. Later into the game, when at least iron/diamond is reached in tools, moving towards the nether or the end would be good goals, though not necessary. From here on, it's up to the player to make sure they survive in their own game. If risk of item loss isn't something you'd like in your game, then "/gamerule keepInventory true" will make it so death doesn't part you from your items. However, it does require "Cheat Mode" which is what lets you use commands. But, like already stated, the gameplay up from here is up to the player.

Video by: paulsoaresjr